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Criterion Global

Criterion Global is a international media-buying agencyknown for its capital-efficient media buying services, technology-driven approach and commitment to global expansion. Criterion Global works with top brands and in-house media teams to deliver brilliant results for ambitious global brands across industries and countries.

The catalyst: identifying the client's goals

Criterion Global wanted to revamp its website to improve the company's online presence and live up to its reputation as a provider of innovative media solutions. Key requirements included a modern, accessible web designwhich supports multilingual customers, improves site navigation and optimizes key web vitals to meet the latest web performance standards.

Our approach: creating digital excellence

Wunderlandmedia has comprehensively revised the Criterion Global website, focusing on the following points:

  • Complete revision of the HTML markup: Modernization of the website structure to improve performance and ease of maintenance.
  • Accessible web design: Ensuring that the website is usable for all users, including people with disabilities.
  • Clean code: Streamlining of the backend code for faster loading times and better search engine optimization.
  • Responsive design: Creates a seamless experience on all devices.
  • Multilingual integration: Offer content in multiple languages to effectively serve a global audience.
  • Revision of the sitemap: Use of Custom Post Types (CPTs) for a more detailed and SEO-friendly sitemap that improves crawling and indexing of the page.
Criterion Media scrolling mockup
laptop mockup of criterion global website

Impact achieved: beyond the launch

Wunderlandmedia's redesigned website for Criterion Global showed immediate positive results, including a noticeable increase in traffic within just one week of launch. This success demonstrates the impact a carefully planned and executed web development project can have on a brand's digital footprint and audience engagement.

Criterion Global Website Performance after web development by wunderlandmedia

This case study illustrates how strategic web design and development with a focus on accessibility, responsiveness and SEO can significantly improve a company's online presence and operational efficiency.

Voices of success: recognition from customers

Katherine Cartwright
Principal / Criterion Global

I worked with Wunderlandmedia and its owner Kemal for a little over a year on the front and back end development of a years old professional services website. I highly recommend their work. Kemal and his team pushed the development of our website so that we could benefit from advances in AI, SEO and website structure. The work goes far beyond what we have come to expect from web development services.
As a result, the number of indexed pages in search increased by 176 % within 24 hours of the new site going live (see Google Search Console screenshot). Wunderland suggested multilingual translations and SEO plugins that streamlined what was clunky and slow. Every website is different, every market is different, and tools and algorithms are constantly changing. But Wunderland and Kemal thought analytically, communicated proactively, had the patience to solve unique problems, and ultimately the speed and talent to implement the solutions they found quickly and reliably.
We are a paid media services company and have worked with a number of developers over the years for both client campaigns and our own web development. I can say without reservation that Wunderland is by far the most enjoyable and educational experience I have ever had, and we are very pleased with the outcome - as well as the journey to get there.
So if you have any questions about our work with Wunderlandmedia, this report or our experiences, please don't hesitate to contact me.
And many thanks, Kemal and team!

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