Wunderlandmedia Presents: Koalaflow

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Introducing: Koalaflow

What is KoalaFlow?

Imagine you have a koala as a customer advisor - cozy, efficient and always on point. That's exactly what KoalaFlow is! Our smart FAQ generator analyzes your input, never lazes around and generates the most relevant questions and answers for your customers at lightning speed. With KoalaFlow, you can make sure your customers always get the best answers without having to spend hours on it. No frills, just pure efficiency, like a koala on eucalyptus.


With KoalaFlow you don't just get another tool, but a loyal helper that will revolutionize your customer service. Here are some reasons why KoalaFlow will be your new best friend in customer service:

Automatic FAQ generation:

Forget the hassle of writing FAQs! KoalaFlow uses advanced algorithms to create the most common and relevant questions and answers based on your input. One click and the job is done - almost as easy as making a koala smile.

Customizable templates:

Don't worry, we've thought of everything. Choose from a variety of templates that you can customize to make sure your FAQs look exactly the way you want them to. Stylish and professional, like a koala in a suit. (Unfortunately that's a lie :), I haven't implemented this feature yet. But it's coming).

Simple integration:

KoalaFlow makes it easy for you to integrate the FAQs you create into your website, customer support or documentation systems. No complicated steps, just simple and seamless integration, like a koala finding its favorite tree. (So create a table :))

User-friendly interface:

Our interface is so simple and intuitive that even a koala could use it. No technical knowledge required - just a few clicks and you're ready to impress your customers with perfectly worded FAQs. (But that's true)

Time saving:

Imagine how much time you can save if you no longer have to create your FAQs manually. With KoalaFlow, you can focus on more important tasks while our tool does the work for you. A real game changer for your customer service!

How does KoalaFlow work?

Step-by-step instructions

API key received from OpenAI:Visit the website of OpenAI and create an account if you don't already have one.

A website with a dark design, on which menu items such as "Research", "Products", "Company" and "Prices" are displayed. Two elements, "Products" and "API registration", are highlighted with red circles. The background has a color gradient from dark blue to pink.

After logging in, select API instead of ChatGPT

Image of the OpenAI homepage with two options: "ChatGPT" for interacting with your language model in a conversational interface and "API" for integrating OpenAI models into applications or companies.

Then go to account management and create a new API key.

Copy the API key to your clipboard.

Visit KoalaFlow: Go to koalaflow.com

A web page titled "Koala FAQ Generator 2024" with sections to select the language, add an OpenAI key, select a CSV file, set the number of FAQs, select the module and a button to generate FAQs.

Enter the API key in KoalaFlow:

Paste the copied API key into the corresponding field in KoalaFlow WebApp.

Download CSV example:

downloads the sample CSV, revises and extends the services.
It is very important that the names in the first header column remain "Performance", "Question" and "Answer". Do not change them!

example CSV

Save the file again in .CSV format and upload it to koalaflow.

Generate FAQs:

Click on "Generate" and let KoalaFlow work its magic. In a few seconds you will receive a list of FAQs based on your entries.

Check results and download:

Take a look at the generated FAQs and download them.

Let's go!

Now you can offer your customers optimized and efficient help without having to spend hours creating FAQs manually.

Frequently asked questions about KoalaFlow

  1. What is KoalaFlow?
    • KoalaFlow is an intelligent FAQ generator that uses AI to automatically create relevant questions and answers for your customers.
  2. How does KoalaFlow work?
    • KoalaFlow analyzes your input, such as customer queries or product details, and generates the most frequent and relevant FAQs.
  3. Do I need technical knowledge to use KoalaFlow?
    • Not at all! KoalaFlow is designed to be so user-friendly that you don't need any technical knowledge to use it.
  4. Can I customize the generated FAQs?
    • Yes, you can customize the generated FAQs according to your needs. You can edit, add or delete questions and answers.
  5. How do I integrate the FAQs into my website?
    • KoalaFlow offers easy export options that allow you to seamlessly integrate the FAQs into your website, customer support or documentation systems.
  6. Is KoalaFlow safe?
    • Yes, your data is safe with us. We use state-of-the-art security measures to protect your information.
  7. What does KoalaFlow cost?
    • Visit our price page on koalaflow.comto find out more about our prices and subscription options.
  8. Do you offer support if I need help?
    • Yes, our support team is always at your disposal. Simply contact us via our website if you have any questions or problems.

Try KoalaFlow now!

Experience how easy and efficient the creation of FAQs can be. Register today at koalaflow.com and revolutionize your customer service. Get started and your customers will thank you for it!