What does a website from a WordPress web agency cost?


We are sure that if you are looking for a web designer or a web agency, you have been looking for one:

"What does a website cost?", "How much do I need to invest in a website?"

Before we can even get an overview and give an initial price estimate for your website, we first need to make one thing clear.

What type of website do you need? There are many different types of website. Here are some examples to help you choose:

  • Blog website

Most blog websites are based on a CMS (content management system). There are many website builders, but by far the most popular CMS in the world is WordPress.

A simple blog website on WordPress shouldn't cost more than €2,500. But unfortunately, here we are in 2023, where web agencies charge a utopian €6,000 for a landing page

  • Company website / Company website

Do you have a company and are looking for a professional freelance web designer or agency? Well, this is where the price goes up a bit

A customized website for a company with a custom design with 5 to 7 subpages would cost between €4,000 and €20,000 (depending on the features). There will also be ongoing costs for maintenance.

  • E-commerce website / online store

Since the first Covid-19 outbreak, it has become clearer than ever that companies need an income funnel to survive.

Creating an e-commerce website costs between €5,000 and over €100,000 depending on the product, functionality, platform, online marketing, social media marketing, email addresses, etc. All these aspects have an impact on the cost of a website.

Take your time before investing in an agency or freelancer and do your homework.